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Public & Private Sales

With a unique perspective on acquisitions we have achieved remarkable success, demonstrating our commitment to quality and strategic investment in the thoroughbred bloodstock market.

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While some agents overlook mare purchases for their lack of glamour and others view them solely as tools for enhancing stallion lines, we approach mare acquisitions with a different perspective and have been awarded in dividends. Our method mirrors our approach to all age groups: thorough research, individual horse evaluation, and a commitment to securing quality. Within the mare market, there exist areas of opportunity, as demonstrated by our experiences over the years.

Since 2001, McMahon & Hill has acquired mares whose progeny have achieved notable success, with 121 horses winning or placing in stakes races, including 36 graded winners or placers. Eleven of our broodmare acquisitions have produced Grade 1 champions. Notably, among them is the dam of FUNNY CIDE, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness S. victor. We acquired Funny Cide's dam, Belle’s Good Cide, while she was pregnant with him. In 2014, our $30,000 investment in More Oats Please resulted in Peace and War capturing the Grade 1 Alcibiades, showcasing yet another successful purchase and mating leading to Grade 1 triumph.

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In racing's fast-paced, results-driven culture, a burgeoning market has emerged: the "ready-made" racehorse. Whether you're competing at the highest levels or navigating the claiming game, leverage our expertise to your advantage.

Throughout the year, we actively seek out lucrative prospects at racing age and breeding stock sales. However, our expertise also shines in claiming horses, particularly those with promising pedigrees as broodmare prospects. A significant portion of our clientele, including many international buyers, prefer the privacy and flexibility of private transactions or claiming races over traditional sales. With our extensive network of trainers and comprehensive insights into fillies auctioned off, we offer invaluable assistance to those seeking top-tier talent through the claiming process.

The market for elite racing prospects, often triggered by standout performances, is known for its volatility, with prices skyrocketing after notable wins. Diligently watching races all over the world allows us to capitalize on opportunities to purchase racehorses at their prime, and often poised to improve.

Two-Year-Olds In Training

The two-year-old auction offers buyers the chance to watch sale horses train prior to purchase. Many horses arrive on the sales grounds a week in advance, often getting at least one untimed “prep” before the official breeze show. The prep breeze gives an idea of the horse's capabilities, while training after the prep indicates soundness. Breeze day is the test - the objectivity of the stopwatch, impression of the ride, ability to complete the task successfully without error or extra equipment and the gallop out. Analysis of the breeze video dissects the horse's stride for quality and length provides objectivity to the impression of the ride and rider. Assessment of the horse’s physical condition and soundness is the final step.

Our team based approach to two-year-old sale endeavors is to cover all of the bases, providing you with the information necessary to buy the right horse. Using our notes from weanling, yearling and training center visits we enter the market with a substantial back ground on most horses before they even touch the track.

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The traditional entry point into the thoroughbred industry is through the acquisition of yearlings. Each year, the yearling market offers the largest selection of horses within a particular age bracket. Among them, it's common to find winners of classic races and numerous Grade 1 events. Yearlings typically have minimal training prior to being put up for sale, presenting significant value compared to older age groups.

Our approach to yearling sales is rooted in a proven methodology. We meticulously research the sales catalog, identifying horses with connections to our past acquisitions or sales, as well as those we've shown interest in. While prioritizing these connections, we also cast a wide net, considering consignments that have performed well for us in the past, promising sire lines, and opportunities within state-bred programs.

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Weanlings & Short Yearlings

The allure of the weanling and short yearling market lies in its potential for swift growth and development, making it an enticing prospect for investors seeking early returns. At McMahon & Hill, we not only oversee the flourishing Spruce Lane Pinhook but also offer private representation. For many of our clients, opting for a "personal pinhook" rather than a larger partnership investment is the preferred route in this sector. We actively participate in all sales and are often open to partnering if the horse will reside at Spruce Lane Farm. With meticulous research and a profound grasp of the market, we excel in identifying value and optimizing our clients' investments.


American horses perform very well all over the racing world. We have excelled at purchasing horses bound for England, Australia, and Russia. Today the racing world is more global than ever. In 2014 we purchased our first horse at auction in Europe and we resold him the following year at Tattersalls for nearly a million dollars! We aim to put more international sales on our calendar. Our clients are on the hunt for superior pedigrees and we are willing to do the work and travel.

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