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Pinhooking, an age-old Kentucky tradition originating from the tobacco trade, involves purchasing young plants from farmers at a low price and selling them later for a higher profit, often marking them with a pinned note at market. In the context of thoroughbred auctions, pinhooking extends to acquiring young horses, overseeing their development, and ultimately reselling them. McMahon & Hill employs a strategic approach, offering various partnership or private options to optimize clients' investments.

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We act as purchasing agents for private clients seeking to invest in thoroughbred horses. Our expertise lies in the strategic acquisition and resale of these horses, optimizing returns for our clients.

We specialize in sourcing young prospects with the aim of identifying individuals with high potential for resale profitability. Our thorough market analysis and extensive industry knowledge enables us to make informed decisions that maximize the value of each acquisition.

In addition to focusing on weanlings, we also excel in identifying promising yearlings for two-year-old in training sales, expanding our clients' investment opportunities across different stages of development. By offering a comprehensive range of options, we ensure that our clients have access to the most lucrative opportunities available in the market.

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