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Stallions, Seasons & Broodmares

We specialize in facilitating stallion seasons and shares, as well as provide recommendations on matings to set you up for success in the lucrative breeding industry.

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Broodmare Management

Once you acquire your mare, the journey to success has only just begun. We understand that selecting the right stallions for your mare involves more than just statistical analysis. Our expertise and intuition, rooted in years of experience, are invaluable assets in guiding you towards long-term success.

Physical Evaluation: Our thorough physical evaluations allow us to make informed stallion choices tailored to each individual mare. By combining our horseman’s insight with meticulous assessment, we ensure optimal mating decisions. This approach has led to numerous successes, including champion Blind Luck and Grade 1 winner Peace and War.

Identifying Young Sires: We take pride in our ability to identify promising young sires early in their careers. From War Front to Distorted Humor and Johannesburg to Scat Daddy, we have a proven track record of breeding to stallions before they attain widespread recognition. In some cases, such as with Distorted Humor, we have even collected his daughters to develop into broodmares.

Strategic Breeding Management: In addition to selecting established sires, we strategically leverage state-bred programs, relocating mares to foal in regions such as New York, Indiana, Ohio, and other burgeoning breeding states. Understanding the value of each mare is paramount in determining the most advantageous breeding environment.

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Stallion Seasons & Shares

Market Dynamics: The market for stallion shares and seasons is dynamic and pivotal during the breeding season. We facilitate approximately 125 contracts annually, predominantly live foal contracts secured directly with leading stallion farms. Additionally, we facilitate a growing number of No Guarantee contracts, providing flexibility and opportunities for our clients.

Investment Perspective: Shares and breeding rights are integral components of any breeder's portfolio. Similar to real estate, owning a share can yield substantial returns when aligned with the right stallion. Even in less favorable circumstances, owning a share offers equity and the potential for breeding a valuable horse. Breeding rights, though lacking the same upside as equity shares, provide accessible avenues for breeders to participate in the stallion market without significant initial investment.

Stallion Syndication & Management

Expertise in Stallion Launches: With involvement in dozens of stallion launches across New York and Kentucky, McMahon & Hill Bloodstock possesses unparalleled expertise in stallion syndication and management. Each market presents unique challenges and opportunities, but our commitment to value and quality remains unwavering.
Understanding Market Niches: The Kentucky market, while distinct, shares the common denominator of value for the dollar. However, niche segments within the stallion market cater to various breeder preferences and objectives. Whether targeting commercial breeders or those breeding for regional markets or racing, our ability to navigate these nuances ensures the success of stallion launches.
Building Success Through Mating Decisions: The success or failure of any stallion launch hinges on the quality of mares bred to the stallion. Leveraging our extensive network of worldwide contacts and a history of successful breeding decisions, we consistently delivers exceptional results, setting a benchmark that is difficult to surpass.

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