Pinhook Bourbon

Thoroughbreds and Bourbon it seems have always gone together, so the founders of Pinhook Bourbon thought is was about time someone developed a Bourbon dedicated to the risky practice of pinhooking, which is the art of investing in young racehorses based on their bloodlines, in hopes of them becoming a champion runner.

Pinhook Bourbon is led by none other than Sean Josephs, a certified sommelier and proprietor of the acclaimed southern-cooking restaurants Char No. 4 (located in Brooklyn) and Maysville (Manhattan). Josephs is teaming up with Bourbon Lane Stables, who manages dozes of stake winning horses, to partner with each release of Pinhook Bourbon with an actual thoroughbred who is actively competing. Pinhook’s first release (only 10,000 bottles) will be tied to Bourbon Courage, a champion starter whose career can be followed at the company’s website and twitter accounts.

Pinhook Bourbon plans to release at least two separate bottlings each year for the next two years, with what the company hopes will become, “a highly collectible stable of exquisite bottles” to go along with the exquisite Bourbon of course.

Written by: Justin Thompson

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