Bourbon Lane Stable, a national racing partnership based in Lexington, has established a retirement pasture for its horses at Old Friends, the country’s premier Thoroughbred retirement care facility.

According to an April 23 release, Old Friends in Georgetown, Ky., will dedicate the Bourbon Lane Stable retirement pasture at the 10th annual Old Friends Homecoming May 4, at 3 p.m. EDT.

The pasture, approximately 15 acres in size, will be made available to any off-the-track Thoroughbred that has raced in the Bourbon Lane colors, regardless of whether the horse retired directly from the stable. The retirement pasture is for horses that cannot be retrained for a second career or those not suitable for a second career.

One Bourbon Lane horse, Johannesbourbon, has already taken up residency. A 5-year-old by Johannesburg, Johannesbourbon ran 12 times. He won four times and ran second five times, winning more than $68,000 in purse money. Because of knee issues, Johannesbourbon is unable to train for a second career.

“Bourbon Lane Stable’s establishment of a retirement pasture for its horses is a tremendous example of enlightened owners taking the initiative to plan for their horses’ retirements,” said Michael Blowen, president of Old Friends. “A retirement pasture is like Social Security or a 401(k) plan for Thoroughbreds, and Bourbon Lane is making sure its horses are cared for once their racing days are over.”

The retirement pasture was secured with a $25,000 donation from Bourbon Lane Stable to Old Friends.

Bourbon Lane made the decision to secure a retirement pasture for its horses with the hope that other horse owners will consider after-care management as part of their organization.

“At Bourbon Lane, we are careful to track where our horses go when they leave us. Having a retirement pasture at Old Friends helps us do our part,” said Mike McMahon, a managing partner at Bourbon Lane Stable. “We applaud the work they do at Old Friends. They’ve put together an organization where retired Thoroughbreds are well cared for and celebrated, and we are pleased to be part of that mission.”

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Written by: Claire Novak