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Horseback Riding


Aftercare for our horses is just as important as their racing careers

Our Commitment

Our dedication to the well-being of our horses extends far beyond the racetrack. From the moment a horse enters our care to their retirement and beyond, we remain committed to providing them the love, attention and support they deserve. Through strategic partnerships and charitable initiatives, we ensure that every horse associated with McMahon & Hill finds a safe and comfortable forever home.

Bourbon Lane Stable Retirement Fund, Inc.

Central to our aftercare efforts is the Bourbon Lane Stable Retirement Fund, Inc. This public 501c3 charity was established with the sole mission of raising and distributing funds to guarantee a secure future for every current or former Bourbon Lane Stable racehorse. Generously supported by charitable donations from our partners, this fund has facilitated the retirement of several of our esteemed horses, including Dixie Julep, Bourbon Country, Hello Bourbon, Quiero Bourbon, and Itsthebourbontalkin. For more details and financial transparency, please visit

Supporting Organizations

Beyond our internal efforts, McMahon & Hill actively supports organizations dedicated to thoroughbred aftercare. We proudly partner with Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, KY, where Bourbon Lane Stable horses, past and present, are welcomed for retirement. Additionally, we champion the Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA), with Mike serving as the President of the Board of Directors. Through the TCA, we contribute to the funding of qualified aftercare farms and organizations, ensuring that our support reaches those in need.

In 2016, Bourbon Lane Stable was awarded the Allaire duPont Leadership award at the annual TCA Stallion Season Auction. “Bourbon Lane Stable and the Thoroughbred Incentive Program have made tremendous contributions to Thoroughbred aftercare,” said Dan Rosenberg, President of TCA. “Bourbon Lane is a shining example of responsible ownership and TIP has successfully worked to increase demand for off-track Thoroughbreds by incentivizing and rewarding owners. Both of their efforts speak to the mission of Thoroughbred Charities of America and for that we are very appreciative.”


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