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Bourbon Lane will offer my first taste of Race Horse Ownership

By: Brian Zipse

My father, in partnership with a couple of friends, owned a few broodmares back in the day. I will never forget how exciting it was seeing a horse that one of them produced on the track. It was a rush, to say the least. The partnership was dissolved many years ago, but my interest in being a horse owner did not. I’m very excited to announce that I have finally committed to dipping my toe into the industry as an owner, by joining the Bourbon Lane Stable 2016 Two-Year-Old Partnership Group. I am beyond excited about the proposition.

Horse racing is in my blood. It’s always been there, and it will forever be there. I’ve done a lot of different things in the industry over the years, but watching a horse that I own, even if only a small percentage, is one thing I’ve longed for. I’ve been talking about doing this more than ever the past few years. Cautious by nature, I really wanted to do my homework going in. Obviously, this is a financial risk. You have to accept that when you sign the check, but through due diligence, I at least feel very good about where my money is going.

Bourbon Lane is run by Mike McMahon and Jamie Hill. A well respected pair in the bluegrass, McMahon and Hill are experienced, but still hungry. They’ve certainly compiled a solid track record (their stats are impressive), but have yet to enjoy that one big horse that would make Bourbon Lane a household name. They are smart guys who know the business — I can’t help but to wonder if my partnership, this partnership of a trio of two-year-olds of 2016, will be the one that catches lightning in a bottle. It cannot be expected, I know, but the dream of such is exactly what this is all about.

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